Trusted Family Jewellers For Over 57 Years

At Townsends we offer a wide range of services for everything to do with jewellery:

Because we have our workshops on-site, we have an amazing team that do all our own repairs and make-ups. Unlike other jewellers that claim they do them and farm everything out to 3rd party workshops that don't have the personal care for your jewellery that we do.


  • Ring re-sizing
  • Securing or replacing missing or worn claws on stones
  • Stone replacement
  • Broken jewellery
  • Chain and bracelet repairs and shortenings
  • Polishing and re-rhodium
  • Re-cement pearls
  • Re-shanks, part, 3/4 or full
  • Safety chains and figure of 8's
  • Balls or torpedo's inside rings
  •  + Loads more


  • For Insurance replacement
  • Probate valuations
  • Repair estimates
  • High resolution photo's of every item
  • For an item that has not been valued by us before it will be £70. 2-4 items would be £60 each and 5 items or over are £50 each. For an item that needs re-valuing and has been done by us in the past it will be almost half the price.
  • We will need your items for approximately 1-2 weeks
  • All done by our registered valuers in-house, so your jewellery never leaves our premises and stays secure in our safe. Unlike other jewellers who send your items away in the post and risk damage or worse still missing or stolen!

Watch batteries:

  • New batteries for standard watches
  • New batteries to premium watch brands
  • Battery and reseal
  • Pressure and vacuum testing


  • Hand engraved
  • Machine engraving
  • Laser engraving
  • Initial engraving
  • Inside of rings, dates, names etc
  • Plaques and awards

Pearl threading:

  • Knotted
  • Un-knotted
  • Re-threading
  • Shortenings

We have over 100 years of experience, four generations of experience and award winning jewellers working in our workshops.

We have invested over the years in newer and more modern machinery and tools to help us do the best job possible on your most treasured items of jewellery.

We now have an envious workshop, with equipment most jewellers can only dream of, including:

  •  Laser welder
  • 3 CAD (computer aided design) stations
  • 2 Wax milling machines
  • Casting machine
  • Investing tools
  • 2 full GRS pro setups and microscopes for setting stones

We can confidently say our skills, tools, care and quality is second to none!